Ricardo López Arias

La Ampliación


With Artist ‘s Frame

4 Photographs 20 x 24 in. (50.8 x 60.96 cm)
Printed on 300 g 100% Innova paper

Framed 26 x 30 in. (66.04 x 76.2 cm)

Edition of 50


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Ricardo López Arias is a Panamanian photographer born in Washington in 1948, with a Bachelor degree in Law and Political Science and Doctor of Philosophy. He began his photographic career in 1982 with large format cameras. He systematically studied the system of zones formulated by Ansel Adams and refined the knowledge and practice of this process with the method designed by Phil Davis, professor emeritus of art at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) and author of Beyond the Zone System, with whom kept in contact for several years.

In 1988, master photographers Frederick Sommer and Paul Caponigro invited him to visit them in Prescott, Arizona, Carmel and California, respectively. Both impressed López Arias deeply and harshly, mainly Sommer. Over the years and the development of technology, he decided to work with digital cameras, which has made him a prolific photographer. Recent works – in both color and black and white – include his abstractions, street photography, landscapes, and a series of monumental images of the widening of the Panama Canal. The art critic and curator Adrienne Samos has commented on the constancy and result of his work: “… he has produced an astonishing body of work both for its great length and variety and for its unquestionable quality”.

Between 2015 and 2016, López Arias exhibited his projects Colón, Amador and Ampliation in institutions such as the Gallery of the National Institute of Culture, Gallery Manual E. Amador, University of Panama, Municipality of Panama, Hatillo Building, in the Cultural Center of Spain “Casa del Soldado”, Arteconsult Gallery, among other spaces. In 2017 he was the winner of the First Prize of the Roberto Lewis National Visual Arts Contest, awarded by the National Institute of Culture (INAC) in Panama City. Together with the art critic Erik Wolfschoon and the curator Maylin Pérez, he founded, in 2018, the Fototeca de Panama, participated in several conservatories invited by the Professional Photographers Guild of Panama and was jury of the First Edition of the Panama Photography Festival Photolab. In 2018, the Fototeca de Cuba, recognized nationally and internationally for exhibiting the work of distinguished photographers such as Rober Mapplethorpe, Ralph Gibson, Larry Clark, S. Salgado, René Burri among others, invited the photographer to present a retrospective exhibition that was inaugurated in La Havana in February 2019.

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