About Us

Multiplo is a family business run by a father and son who are both passionate about contemporary art

For the younger generation of art collectors, it can be difficult to access great artworks by renowned artists and start their own collection. This is where Multiplo comes in.

“We strongly believe that
Art can help transform lives”

We work closely with some of the most important artists of our time to publish fine art prints in limited editions, affordable for the next generation of collectors: the young, the smart, and the curious ones.

“As founder of a non-profit, which generates social progress and innovative learning through contemporary art, connecting individuals and communities both local and global, we understand the importance of access to art to help us become a more just and inclusive society: We strongly believe that art can help transform lives.”

Johnny Roux

“We collaborate with artists, galleries and curators to deliver the best in class limited edition artworks with a main focus in screen-printing.”

Juan Raúl Roux

Multiplo Editions