Eva Beresin

She was born in Budapest in 1950 and has lived in Vienna for most of her life. Since she was little, was influenced by her father’s collecting and the drawings she made on Sundays in the famous Gerbeaud café in Budapest, inspired by the faces of her parents’ friends, also Holocaust survivors, and the tormented expressions of the lonely elderly women. Beresin studied at the School of Visual Arts in Budapest, where she had her own atelier, refined the technique of composition and acquired basic knowledge on art history, geometry, perspective and drawing.

Once she finished her studies moved to Vienna, at 19 years old. It was a period of adaptation and introspection where she was mainly focused on the creation and production of her own exhibitions. In 2014 Beresin was contacted by Charim Galerie with the aim of carrying out a project. At the same time, she began to share her works on Instagram, achieving greater visibility and presenting herself more openly internationally. A year later she had a comprehensive solo exhibition at Charim Galerie in Vienna entitled My Mother’s Diary: Ninety-Eight Pages, based on her mother’s diary after her release from Auschwitz. This has been one of the artist’s most important shows to date, since from that moment on she reaffirmed the influence of her family history in her work, which would mark her future creations with a solid and conscious foundation.

Beresin captures faces, creatures and scenes imbued with symbolism, capable of transforming pain into an intimate and positive moment at the same time. Convinced that the key to surviving tragedy is humor; represents pain management through cynicism. Expands memory in an organic way through multidisciplinary projects that involve art, architecture, design and fashion, from the creative practice of interconnectivity and constant exchange between the different disciplines. Her work is part of important international art collections, including the Albertina Museum in Vienna and the Roux Collection in Panama.

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