Brianna Rose Brooks

Brianna “Bri” Rose Brooks was born in 1997 in Providence, Rhode Island. She studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is currently pursuing an interdisciplinary Master of Fine Arts in print media and painting at the Yale University School of Art, New Haven.

From diverse artistic practices such as silk-screen print, painting and drawing, Brooks is interested in showing the intimate universe of black adolescents; a world of romance and intimacies not necessarily sensual but scenes of company, solitude, entertainment and affection.

Her colorful figurative works do not pretend to create racial corporeal classifications, rather they dialogue with the psychology of a vulnerable stage of the human being that is also distinguished by its identity and cultural elements.

In most of the works, the narrative is associated with a process of psychic panoramic questioning where the characters are in constant observation, rest or gestural atavism. The dreamlike universe looms out, as if walking on tiptoe so as not to awaken consciousness.

The night, fear, love, loneliness, frustrations, are some of the themes that are represented in Brooks’s work.

There is an oblique connection between the color drawings intervened by texts (texts that are thoughts), the curiosity for the abstract form in some graphic works and the representation of everyday life in her paintings.

In 2018 Brooks held her first personal exhibition Love You Coz You Always Tell the Truth, at Deli Gallery, Queens, New York and the same year published her book Oh My, with notebook drawings and an essay, printed by Perfectly Acceptable Press. Among the awards and scholarships acquired are SAIC Recognition Grant (2016-17) and Roger Gilmore Alumni Scholarship.


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