Mira Schor

Bear Triptych Part 1


Silkscreen print, 27 3/8 x 33 in (69.5 x 83.8 cm)
Produced on Fabriano 300gr 100% Cotton Paper

Edition of 30


29 in stock

Mira Schor is one of the most transcendent contemporary artists and art critic. Her work occupies a prominent place within the visual artistic scene and embraces a solid career. Politics, feminism, consumer society and other issues are addressed through exhaustive concept analysis and formal representation. Her art is articulated with passion and commitment.

The work Bear Triptych Part 1, was made in 1972 and belongs to a group of 9 paintings that the artist painted between 1972 and 1973, known as The Story Paintings. This specific work narrates the encounter between a naked woman and a bear, surrounded by a desert landscape, which may well allude to the Californian desert.

Eroticism is clearly distinguished by the simplicity of the forms and the explicit act: How to flirt with a bear? Both bodies are exploring and getting to know each other through basic senses such as sight, smell, touch.

Dominating or being dominated is replaced by giving in to pleasure: Who has the power? Then the bear becomes a symbol and resource to bare the wishes of the woman and break the schemes.

The formal composition, however, responds to the canons of traditional painting: vertical and diagonal lines, balanced spatiality, pastel tones, among other elements that coexist harmoniously and focus attention on the main scene. This work is an edition of 30 silkscreen, printed on Fabriano 300gr 100% Cotton Paper, highlighting textures and colors and guaranteeing high-quality conservation.

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