Antonyo Marest

The Hug


Silkscreen print, 39.2 x 27.5 in (99.5 x 70cm)
Produced on Conquerour Connosieur 300g 100% Cotton

Edition of 50

Hand-embellished by the artist making each print unique.

40 in stock

Antonyo Marest was born in 1987 in the city of Alicante, Spain. Influenced by life in the Mediterranean from very early on, his artistic creation was linked to color, light and integration with physical space. His first forays were in graffiti in 1998 and later he was incorporating painting and design, motivated to a great extent by his architecture studies at various European universities. His free and curious soul was shaping his ideal as an artist, constantly renewing his inner landscape.

Marest is currently one of the most internationally recognized urban artists. The path has been guided by discipline and perseverance, also by the quality and impact of his works. The evolution of color enjoys extraordinary autonomy from 2009, the date on which he became a professional muralist. From 2012 to 2015 he decided a turn in his work, reducing the colors and using them to generate different meanings. His interest in Art Deco and the Tropics began in 2018 with the color-feeling alluding to emotions and opening a dynamic bridge towards retro. He incorporates palm trees into the colossal compositions and adapts his style to the local landscape, connecting with nature and reflecting popular cultural identities.

Some of the projects he has carried out are Miami Sunrise Tower (2021), Start India Chennai (2020) and Visionart Festival (2019). Marest has also collaborated with important brands and companies such as Tumi, Royal Enfield and Sofitel, enriching his work with other disciplines such as design and photography. Among the recent exhibitions where he has participated are “Sun Harbor”, Furiosa Gallery, Madrid 2020, “Optical Ilusion”, Fumigee Gallery, Paris 2020, “Boudless Boundaries”, Stolen Space, London 2020, among others. His work is collected mainly by corporations that integrate art into their projects to offer their clients an authentic way to enjoy life.

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